Mobile dental care beyond borders

Europe Medicare supplies mobile and high quality dental care for your patients, clients and staff members.

Mobile dental care beyond borders

At Europe Medicare we believe in dental care “beyond borders”. With our mobile oral care we dream of being able to mean something for vulnerable groups in society for whom normal access to a dentist is not self-evident, such as asylum seekers, the elderly or the disabled. But also for you as an employer, who wants to offer his hard-working employees efficient dental care so that there is time left for what really matters.

Why Europe Medicare?

This is what we stand for

With a lot of enthusiasm, warmth and flexibility, our team is committed every day to provide people with (mobile) dental care. Everyone who works with us has the dream to really make a difference. We do this by traveling every day with our specially equipped dentist vehicles. We enjoy working for companies with hardworking team members (such as expats), asylum seekers' centers, NGOs, nursing homes, housing complexes for people with disabilities and prisons. In short: for those places where a six-monthly check-up at the dentist is not self-evident or where this must be done quickly and efficiently.

  • We literally stop our dentist bus in front of the home or workplace.
  • We are there for vulnerable target groups such as asylum seekers or people with disabilities.
  • We can treat your clients or employees quickly and efficiently, without much loss of time.

Europe Medicare also at your location?

The dentists of Europe Medicare drive throughout the Netherlands or accross borders and are at your site on fixed days. Mobile dental care can be deployed incidentally, but also for a longer period with a fixed frequency. Together we tailor the treatments to your needs and the needs of the patients. Do you want us to visit you too? Please contact us via +31 (0)85 792 0002.

Europe Medicare at your location?

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