Our approach

Attention for patient and care provider

Our high-quality mobile oral care focusses primarily on a relationship of trust with the patient and maximum collaboration with the care provider.

Attention for patient and care provider
How we work
High-quality care in optimal collaboration with care providers

With a comfortably furnished dentist bus on location, Europe Medicare makes dental care accessible to the most vulnerable groups in our society. We primarily focus on high-quality care, a relationship of trust with the patient and maximum collaboration with the care provider.

Personal attention and safe care, so the elderly, disabled and psychiatric patients regain confidence in their teeth and oral hygiene.


Collaboration with health care institutions

We work closely with health care institutions

Offering a structural solution for dental visits proves to be difficult for many health care institutions to organize. Shrinking budgets, staff shortages and absenteeism make this even worse. By bringing our mobile dental practice to people's doorsteps and making professional oral care part of the individual care plan of clients, we can offer high-quality care that is optimally aligned with the clients' perception of the world.

Based on that mission, Europe Medicare works intensively on a daily basis with care providers in care for the elderly and the disabled.

Who we work for

Care for the elderly

In terms of care for the elderly, our mobile dental practice offers an excellent solution for residents who are unable to visit a dentist themselves. But finding the right connection with the elderly requires more than just parking a vehicle. It is crucial to recognize and respond to the challenges and needs of older people. For example, reduced oral hygiene often has an effect on the social contacts between the elderly and their families and fellow residents. By first building a personal relationship and keeping a dentist visit accessible, we can help even the most vulnerable residents to improve their oral health.

Care for the disabled

In terms of care for the disabled, care providers are committed to offering people with a physical or mental disability a good life. And we like to contribute to that. We are committed to organizing mobile oral care that is as comfortable as possible. We look at the possibilities on location with regard to mobility and ensure our facilities connect seamlessly with this. We always do this in full collaboration with care employees and, if necessary, parents or guardians.  

Mental health care

Providing external care can also be challenging in mental health care. A lot of clients are not eager to visit the dentist. That is why we devote a lot of energy to low-threshold access. Relieving tension and reducing fear of the dentist. It is then important not to start complex treatment processes, but above all to look closely at the condition of the teeth and gums and whether minor interventions are possible to experience as little inconvenience as possible.

We are happy to discuss how we can support you optimally.

Safe mobile oral care

From meeting the team to maximum collaboration

  • First meeting 1
    First meeting

    We will introduce you to our dental vehicle, tell you who we are and how our mobile oral care could support you.

  • Thorough intake on location 2
    Thorough intake on location

    Together, we look at how our services can fit in seamlessly with how your organization provides care.

  • Checking the facilities 3
    Checking the facilities

    Water and electricity is all we need. But even if those aren't present, we can bring our own facilities.

  • Scheduling an appointment 4
    Scheduling an appointment

    When and how often would you like us to visit?

  • Additional preventive support 5
    Additional preventive support

    If desired, we will visit you at fixed times to personally inform care workers and residents about prevention and the importance of good oral hygiene.

  • Long-term collaboration 6
    Long-term collaboration

    As far as we're concerned, the collaboration is a success only when we find an optimal connection with the need for care.

Committed care provided in the broadest sense of the word

Committed care provided in the broadest sense of the word

Our people could find a job at a regular practice in an instant, but they consciously choose the world of mobile oral care. A setting and target group that demand specialists with real health care provider's DNA. Skilled, decisive and with the right personal approach towards the person opposite you.

A safe mobile dental practice

A safe mobile dental practice

The mobile dentist bus from Europe Medicare is a fully-fledged dental practice on wheels. The spacious, light-weight vehicle is equipped with all the modern facilities a professional dentist needs to be able to practice his profession well. From comfortable furniture to X-ray equipment and a powerful WiFi connection, so a fast connection is always possible with the health care institution.

Obviously we are completely self-sufficient; if there are no facilities for electricity and water on site, we can provide these ourselves. A comfortable dental practice in a familiar environment, that is Europe Medicare's mobile oral care.

Mirjam likes to provide input
  • Opening hours 08:00 - 17:00 uur

Mirjam likes to provide input

Care Manager at Europe Medicare Mirjam Libbers worked in a dental practice as a dental hygienist for 14 years. She knows better than anyone how to realize a comfortable, professionally equipped dental practice and how to reduce fear of the dentist in vulnerable groups.

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