Mobile Dental Care

Mobile oral care

with our specially equipped dental vehicles

Our mission is to contribute to the way in which you organize dental care for your patients, clients or employees. We drive our mobile dental buses throughout the Netherlands and visit your institution or organization. This means that you do not need to have a dental facility yourself or set up a special room for it. We simply take the mobile practice with us!

How can we be of service ?

Vulnerable groups

Is it difficult to give your clients access to a dentist? Many mainstream practices are full, have no facilities for people with a disability or find it difficult to deal with a language or culture barrier. We can mean something for vulnerable groups for whom access to the dentist is not self-evident, such as asylum seekers, the elderly or the disabled.

Commercial organizations

Good dental care for your colleagues

Do you want to provide your hardworking team members with good dental care? Or are you responsible for an organization where many expats work? We want to mean something for your employees and for you as an employer. By having your employees treated in our dental van, everyone can receive professional dental care, while as few working hours as possible are lost.

Dental trucks

Can be used throughout the Netherlands

We work with mobile dental units, full-fledged dental practices on wheels. This allows us to go anywhere and literally drive in front of our clients. The dental vehicles are fully equipped as normal practices. For example, X-rays can simply be taken. It is the domain of a small, independent team consisting of a dentist with his or her dental assistant, a driver for moving the vehicle and back-office support from the head office.

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